The multifaceted entrepreneur/actor/DJ/model Idris Elba is making headlines again for being a creator ans innovator as usual. He has teamed up with British designers James Holder and Julian Dunkerton to create a special collection for their “Superdry” brand. Fashion is definitely one of the influential parts to his charming persona that the world knows of him. Elba knows what he wants to wear and how he wants it to look. He’s a sophisticated individual with a swagger the ladies die for.
Together these three came up with 250 pieces to this exclusive line for the everyday man to wear 24 hours a day. Superdry has a stylish urban feel to it that is durable and is very sharp when put together. Its deep blues and jet blacks color scheme have a stylish clean cut demeanor to them that makes every jacket, hoodie, sweater and trench coat describe Elba to the tee. log on to to purchase some of these hot items.
(photos by Superdry)

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