Lewis Howes

111-The-School-of-Greatness-Lewis-Howes (photo by http://www.LewisHowes.com)
Lewis Howes is a true entrepreneur is all aspects of the word. He is a persistent, passionate and well versed individual who found his blessing by giving to others. A New York Times best selling author of his book “The School Of Greatness”, a former professional arena football player whose career ended because of a bad wrist injury and a high profile business coach who seem to inspire everyone who crosses his path. Howes has a very successful podcast called “The School Of Greatness” which has millions of fans and one being the President of the United States Barack Obama who coined Howes as one of the top 100 entrepreneurs in the country under 30 years old. He understands that the entrepreneur spirit is in you and the greatness we chance is really in giving to someone else by passing on a message. Give them the power in the message which can eventually change their lives. We will continue to follow Lewis Howes and his podcast online at http://www.LewisHowes.com

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