We have heard the story of those professional athletes who make multi millions of dollars, buy expensive things from houses to half a million dollar cars and then go broke within 5 years. On the other hand you have Shaquille O’Neal, retired NBA 4-time champion with the Los Angeles Lakers and Miami Heat who has done the opposite of the average athlete. O’Neal had a great career in the NBA, while making hundreds of millions of dollars between the multiple sources of income like his team salary, his multiple endorse (reebok,sprite, Mc Donalds, Gatorade etc) and financial investments. Allegedly O’Neal has a net worth $350 million and a 70,000 square foot home in Florida in which he resides. His success has driven him after NBA retirement to go back to school and receive a bachelors, MBA and a Ed.H degree. so that he can expand his empire. O’Neal’s investments consist of the following:
1. 10+ major Nightclubs
2. couple of movie theatres
3. 170+ car washes
4. 40+ fitness center which are opened 24hrs
5. 165+ Five Guys burgers restaurant
6. shopping centers and much more

O’Neal has educated himself to make sure he doesn’t have one of the typical athlete stories and his children will be set up financial for the rest of their lives. While retired he still is involved in the NBA as a analyst for TNT, while still holding endorsement contracts with Gold Bond, Shaq soda, Buick and many more corporate companies. He has don’t very well for himself as one of the most popular athletes still without putting on a uniform. Hopefully some of the younger athletes can can follow his lead.

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