AKON is known globally for his music in countries all around the world. His presence is huge in the music industry for being a rapper/ singer/ producer who has worked with the highest caliber of artistry in all genres of music. Akon has always been prideful of his Africa cultural and being from Senegal is something that he cherishes. After a super successful music career thus far he has put himself in position to make a huge difference in many lives starting with the people of Africa. He has begun a project called “AKON LIGHTING AFRICA” were the goal is to provide lights and improve electricity by using solar energy for 600 million people in 38 countries in Africa by 2020. This initiative will cost upward of a billion dollars. The first step is to create a foundation of support and sponsors to put together the funding. Once that was established next aim is to manufacture 100,000 street lights while having 200,000 micro power home systems energized by solar energy. Akon is truly serious about this initiative and will not stop until it is done. We see that Akon is not your typical artist at all who uses their money for frivolous thing like cars etc, he’s a change maker for lives literally. The respect he is receiving from his efforts are enormous. He is also creating thousands of jobs for the youth with his AKON LIGHTING AFRICA initiative. log on to http://www.AkonLightingAfrica.com to find out more information about this project.

(video of Renewable Energy Future Conference)
(photos by AkonLightingAfrica)

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