Growin Up Hip Hop

Hip Hop has played a massive role in the revenue stream of households and major corporations worldwide. As the origin of hip hop grows daily so does the children of the music creators. Legends in the hip hop game like RUN DMC, Master P, Damon Dash, Salt-n-Pepa and DeBarge just to name a few have impacted the culture of Hip Hop is so many ways, may it be Master P’s independent emergence from the south doing a one of a kind huge 85/15 partnership deal with Universal Records or maybe how RUN-DMC expanded hip hop’s reach with “Walk This Way” with AeroSmith into a global success. These key players all had children that would grow up to be positive torch holders of the future of hip hop. These young powerful entrepreneurs have come together on a television reality show called “Growing Up Hip Hop” featuring Romeo Miller (Son of Master P, hip hop artist, athlete, actor, investor, film & television producer), Angela Simmons (daughter of hip hop pioneer Rev. Run of RUN-DMC, Fashion Designer, Activist, Role Model, Philanthropist, social media powerhouse, model and CEO), Damon “Boogie” Dash (Son of Rocafella Records label CEO Damon Dash, Co founder of Chipz Cookies, Owner of record label, Owner of Art Gallery), Egypt Criss (Daughter of legendary rappers “Pepa of Salt-N-Pepa” and “Treach of Naughty By Nature”, a rising career in music), TJ Mizell (Son of the great Jam Master Jay- DJ of RUN-DMC, a growing global DJ, a trendsetter in his own right) and Kristina Debarge (niece of El Debarge, a singer-songwriter on the rise).
The “Growing Up Hip Hop” show will go into the lives of these six young leaders of the next generation of hip hop bosses to be and see the ups and downs of what its like to be part of the legacy of hip hop innovators. It airs on WE channel on Jan 7th 2016 to start the year off with a powerful young entrepreneur driven show.

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