At the tender age of 21 Ethan Holmes is a CEO of his own company Holmes Mothwatering Applesauce. Still in college this young entrepreneur was motivated to be his own boss at the young age of 15 after reading “Reallionaire” by Farrah Gray, who was a millionaire at the age of 14. Through strict discipline, planning and lots of motivation Holmes has sold about 2,000 jars his first year and is on track now to do 2,000 each month because of the support he is receiving. He was granted a $10,000 loan from Samuel Adams Brewing -the American Dream Program. It is a entrepreneur support platform to lend small qualified business money to start their brands. His apple sauce was inspired by his grandparents who made fresh sauce but Holmes didn’t like the taste. He began to experiment with flavors and sweetener until he got it right where he wanted it. We finally have Holmes Mouthwatering Apple Sauce today selling in cleveland and built awareness everyday.
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