Belle Up is a maternity/nursing clothing store based in the Chicago area for mothers who are pregnant looking for more stylish apparel. Belle Up was created in 2009 by owner Jamenda McCoy, a proud mom of two children who was having major issues finding beautiful stylish clothing to buy when she was pregnant. There was a lack of creativity when designing maternity clothing so McCoy realized she would fill that void. Since 2009, Belle Up has been expanding the brand and everything in it. They now sell non-maternity clothing for women as well. They have also opened up a total of 3 store in Chicago now in Beverly, Hyde Park and River North areas. The whole concept of beautifying maternity clothing is something that has been missing for decades. McCoy with the help of her husband Joseph has turned that dream into a fantastic reality. Please take time and go to to buy some apparel.041415-NEWS-Pop-Up-Shop-Marta-Bakula-1024x683
(photos by Yelp + ChicagoMaroon)

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