1452800199-kmr-group-photo3 (photo by Pinterest)
KMR Law Group is an African American female owned law firm that consist of three top lawyers who seen the same dream and were tired of the same reality. Yondi K Morris, remembers being a contract attorney who would help out different law firms with thier case load and one day at work one of the bosses said “Okay slave get back to work”. She didn’t think that was funny, nor is this something she would get use to. Her reality of changing her future started when Morris went home and logged on to twitter and wrote “I need to start my own firm”, Keli L. Knight replied with “Let’s meet to discuss”. A meeting was set up where they also invited old friend Jessica Reddick and after some hours of great conversation with substance KMR Law Group was born. After a year of working on the firm getting feedback from lawyers and accountants to strategize the whole plan of the firms existence, they finally were ready to step out with KMR as a working entity. Each of them all have an extensive law background which helped the formation make sense collectively. This Chicago law firm is something to be proud of, they have changed the game on becoming a lawyer. KMR Law Group is a powerful law firm on the rise soon to be a worldwide powerhouse.

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