(Photos by Sneakerscustom.com)
For the last five years the sneaker phenomenon has made a reemergence on the scene creating an major increase in sales. their is a very niche market for custom sneakers and high end limited edition pieces as well. The audience for this market varies from celebrities, entertainers to the playground hooper in their early 20’s. Tariq Edmonson has created his own lane in this sneaker industry by creating and owning Sneakercustom.com, a one stop shop for those who want to express their entrepreneurial skills and create a shoe.
Edmonson has created a shoe inspired by the Converse Chuck taylor but is red, black and green. The color scheme wasn’t a mistake, he knew it would make a big impact once people seen it. This sneaker became a favorite to the urban U.S. , caribbean as well as the UK market. Edmonson’s company is a direct to wholesaler and customer sales approach, where individuals can order straight from the website. He’s created a wholesale program where you can buy 50 pairs of sneakers for $1,000 and they will retail for $40, which means you can make $20 a pair. The response is tremendous so far getting attention and request from multiple cities as for now. For more information visit http://www.Sneakerscustom.com

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