Young Mogul Brand was founded in 2014 by two phenomenal young 17 year old “teenpreneurs” named Brandon Iverson and Jordan Williams for Atlanta, Georgia. The motivation behind these to moguls in the making come from being young are entrepreneurial spirited at young ages. They first started on their journey of being entrepreneurs at 10 years old and by 14, they co-wrote their first professional book release called “Who Needs An Allowance? A Teen’s Guide To Starting Their Own Business while also creating another company called “Making Money For Teens”, a financial education company teaching teens about the important of fnancial literacy. These two young gentlemen have set a standard for young men around the world who have the ambition to make their dreams come true at early ages. They have been noticed by top radio stations, celebrities, magazine and business moguls as well.
Willams and Iverson also have a fashionable clothing line which is unique in the sense of being an urban line that promotes positive messages about teen entrepreneurship through their apparel brand.

They both understand the importance of financial literacy especially to the youth as they grow older. Information has always been the key to progress on all levels. Young entrepreneurs like these two young men show a positive outlook on our future leaders and creators to come. Please visit
(All Photos by Young Mogul Brand)

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