158b833ddd5ed3184e933df7415b0118.jpg.CROP.rtstoryvar-large (Photo by Harlem Brewing + New york News)

Harlem is the helm for some of the most historical black significant business owners who has made a impact on the world. Harlem Brewing Co and their owner Celeste Beatty has been in business for 15 years brewing craft beer which she is so proud of. After years of hard work and advertising through the community Harlem Brewing Co has landed a huge deal with Walmart, where they will be displayed in 39 stores in New York locations. That is a big deal for sure for anyone because gaining space in Walmart is extremely hard to do especially for smaller craft brands. Right now they have 3 products Sugar Hill Golden Ale, Harlem Renaissance Wit and Strawberry Hard Cider.
Walmart seems to be focused on supporting some American manufactured companies which is made closer to where the item is consumed. Craft beer is a growing category so Harlem Brewing Co’s Sugar Hill Golden Ale has a great chance in doing very well with this burst of exposure. Beatty expects her sales to grow to more than 20% with this deal.
This Winston Salem bred entrepreneur has done well for herself by coming to Harlem, NY. Her background is in agriculture and farming so she definitely knows what she is doing when creating some quality craft beer.

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