T.I. + ROC NATION = Partnership


Rapper T.I. has known to be a serious business man from his stellar career as a hip hop artist, his entrepreneurial endeavors of opening a high end restaurant Scale 825 in downtown Atlanta to producing tv shows as well as acting successful movie films. We all know that the music is in his heart especially being CEO of Grand Hustle records which house top chart selling artist B.O.B and Iggy Izzalea. T.I. is in the process of release his 10th LP called “Dime Trap” which will bring him in another class with those who have been great enough to release 10 albums like Nas, Jay Z, LL Cool Jay to name a few.

He currently left his Columbia records situtaion after it expired and has resently signed a major distribution deal with his Grand Hustle Imprint to Roc Nation and Mr.Jay Z himself. He has also became an artist/partner of TIDAL, so now he is alongside Nicki Minaj, Neyo, RIhanna, Madonna, Beyonce and more acts. T.I.’s entrepreneurship has definitely been raised to another level. He is a true class act when it comes to getting business done.

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