zmaser_03 (Photos by maserati)
Maserati, the luxury Italian automobile company has been increasing market share from their 20% mark rising at a faster pace because of their exclusive sleek prestigious vehicle design. After years of great performance and production Maserati has decided to expand their reach into the SUV market like competitors BMW and Porsche. At the luxurious Geneva International Motor Show Maserati has unveiled their new one of a kind SUV the “Levante”. This is the luxury of choice for all customers which can be customized within the interior and the engine. It is a combination of multiple high speed vehicles in one with its performance of up to 430 horsepower, 0 to 100 mph in 5.3 second and much more with a price tag of starting at $75,000.
Please take a look at the video below courtesy of Maserati.


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