Jazz & Ericka’s: Dessert In A Jar

Entrepreneurship is at an all time high currently because the traditional job isn’t satisfying the bills of the average individual today. Everyone has that dream of owning their own business but some of us turn that dream into a reality. It can start with a conversation, then an idea, next your asking families opinions and finally your incorporated as a live business. We had the pleasure of meeting two entrepreneurs from Queens, NY who close friends that actually made their passion into a business. Jasmine Francis & Ericka Sumpter-Tinsley are best friends who love to cook and got tasked with baking the pastries and pies for their family, friends and co worker. We caught up with Ericka to find out a little more about the Founders of Dessert In A Jar.

MMTV: When did “Jazz & Ericka’s: Dessert In A Jar”start & Why?

ERICKA: WOW…Jazz came up with the idea in October 2015 out of the blue & I agreed being I knew I was getting ready to retire & figured this might be something I could do at home since I enjoy baking!!

MMTV: Did either of you, use to bake for the family & friends events? If so how many years about?

ERICKA: I enjoy baking so I usually do the desserts (cakes and pies) for family holiday dinners, barbecues or sometimes co-workers will ask me to make a cake if there is something special going on at work. I learned to bake homemade desserts from my mother & I been baking with her for many years, at least 20 years!

MMTV: What is your goal for the Jazz & Ericka’s: Dessert In A Jar?

ERICKA: Our goal for the business is to take it as far as God allows us to go!
MMTV: Do you have any plans of opening up a store front or main location in the future?

ERICKA: Our plans right now are to keep it a nice small family business but if business booms maybe a store front will be possible.

MMTV: How can people reach you?

We can be reached at:
(917) 573-2380 or (347) 723-5214
Website: http://www.Jazzanderickadessertinajar.com
Email: Jazzandericka@aol.com
Facebook: Jazz & Ericka’s Dessert In A Jar

We got an opportunity to taste their famous red velvet cake in a jar and their varieties of cheesecakes. they are truly something special. We ask that all of our followers support these two entrepreneurs who have thrived at this new small business. Dessert In A Jar participated in the 2016 NYC Entrepreneur Expo and they were a success to all the consumers who attended. The quality of their product is outstanding and the presentation is well thought out. Jazz & Ericka’s: Dessert In A Jar are definitely an inspiration for Start up entrepreneurs coming up with their ideas and dreams.

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