We all know Sean “Diddy” Combs to be a powerful businessman, entrepreneur, entertainer and philanthropist with a empower aura about him that can motivate young individuals to success at their best. Combs is the leader of some many ventures such as Ciroc Vodka, Bad Boy Entertainment, Sean John Clothing, Revolt TV and many more. Well now Combs has stepped into another valuable arena in which he will be changing the lives literally of our future children. Combs with the great help of Dr Steve Perry has opened up a charter school in Harlem,NY called “Capital Prep”. He is no stranger to education attending the prestigious Howard University after receiving his degree later in life by going back to school after dropping out to chase his music career. Combs has a major impact on millions of kid so now he is putting his actions where his mouth is. He has been working on Capital Prep for the last 6 years and finally it is up and running. The school will start off with 180 student in grades 6th and 7th. The goal is to eventually get the school to go up to 12th grade. This is an amazing blessing what Combs is doing for the community of Harlem, NY and young student in general. The school will be based on social justice, teaching the kids to be well-balanced entrepreneurs while learning a high level of education. So many New York City supporters have cheered Combs on with this phenomenal effort. Combs is putting up some of his own money for this school where the admission will be free for the kids. The response and applications are 1000+ so far for a school that will only take 180 at the moment. We wish everyone great luck in getting into Capital Prep.

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