The Smiths are now Majority Owners

Will and Jada Pinkett Smith, the power couple in the entertainment business overall have been known to make some major moves are far as funding projects, creating new brands, getting the biggest roles in ground breaking movies but now they have done changed the spectrum of ownership as a couple. They allegedly the new majority owners of the NBA Philadelphia 76ers. Will Smith being a huge basketball fan and a hometown success story out of Philly, this means even more to him than anyone. Of course they will increase the ticket sales dramatically and the celebrities who will attend because of the Smiths being owners now. This is a major acquisitions for American Africans and entrepreneurs as a whole. The cost of their stakes allegedly cost them in the realm of $250 million, with the 76ers worth being in range of $700 million. There are still many investors but the Smiths will be in majority control of the direction of this Philadelphia franchise. We cant wait to see the change in progress of the Philadelphia 76ers to come.

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