NAS, legendary rapper and now venture capitalist has set his sights on small tech startups which need funding to invest in through his investment company (QBVP) Queens Bridge Venture Partners. Nas has been extremely successful financially through his long rap career but his drive to be a businessman has been pushed to the forefront the last 5 years. He loves to make money when investing but he is definitely into buying into the person whose idea it is.
So basically he loves to invest in people their drive, ambitions and their smarts which will ultimately have a better chance at making a return on your investment. Nas & QBVP has done more than 100+ investments deals with small companies from a variety of industries like music production, technology, health care and many more. The investment capital has a range of $100k – $500k per company. This mega platinum entrepreneur has a lot to bring to the world of investing with his team at QBVP. Let follow Nas and see the great new business ventures their is to come in the near future.
(photo by hennessy + QBVP)

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