UnderAmrour is one of the biggest athletic sports brands to hit the market running in the last 5 years. UA has a tremendous track record for their quality of sneakers and clothing for football, basketball, baseball etc. They have 2 of the biggest athletes in the last to years in 2 sports with NFL Superstar QB Cam Newton of the Carolina Panthers and The reigning NBA mvp for the last 2 years as well as the NBA champion PG Steph Curry. These 2 supreme athletes have helped the notoriety of Under Armor drastically. After doing so well in the clothing and shoe industry UA has chose to get into the tech world with their new invention called “The UA HEALTHBOX”.

It is the worlds first connected fitness system specifically designed to measure, monitor and manage the main factors that will determine how you feel according to Under Amrour. All of these tracking functions will give you a great deal of important information on how your body is functioning.the most important factor is to help the consumer exercise better. The kits comes with a 1.UA Band which monitors your sleep pattern, resting rate and work out intensity, 2. UA Scale which will show your weight, body fats and goal your trying to reach 3.UA Heart Rate chest band which will focus on your heart rate, calorie burn count 4.UA Record this collects your daily workout data, track nutrition, 24/7 data with log out info.
Under Armour has definitely found a goal mind with this product which also came with an app. UA truly understand their direction and where they are heading toward their goal with their overall brand.
(photo by UnderArmour)

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