If your a real sneaker head you must remember one of the exclusive athlete endorsed shoes from Adidas, Stan Smith. Since the 1970’s these shoes have shown so much style and clean cut exposure to the world. Recently Adidas has created a newer creative stylish clean cut version to the Stan Smith sneaker collection, which is called the “PrimeKnit”.Screen-Shot-2015-02-28-at-5.18.43-PM-565x372 The new soft prime knit material covers the top layer of the show which give it a much more breath friendly shoe for ventilation. The cut is very clean and sleek, very different from anything that is out at the moment. The cost is $130 in the stores currently, so go pick up your exclusive pair of Stan Smith “PrimeKnit” Adidas.
(photo by Adidas + KicksOnFire)

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