Atlanta, Georgia has been the entrepreneur hub for young motivated self made individuals looking to expand their ideas into brands. The one issue that these innovator seem to have is their isn’t a primary location where they can go to network and create with like minded individuals with the same degree of motivation until now.


Ryan Wilson, lawyer and entrepreneur has solved that issue by creating “The Gathering Spot”, a 3700 square work event space that included a full service restaurant bar with high end technology. This private members only club is a community for the entrepreneurs who are looking to curate and gain a unique space of their own to come and take care of business 24hr a day.


TGS will have public speakers, entertainment, workflow space and powerful networking minds always on location because of their wide range of entrepreneurs. This space is located near the Atlanta business district which is easy to get to. There is an initial fee and a yearly fee to stay a member as well as a thorough processing procedure to become a member. Wilson and his team has spent $3 million+ to create “The Gathering Spot”. If you want to know more about this prestigious private club please visit to get more information.


(photo by Google)

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