(photo by Google)

Troy Carter is a music mogul who loves to invest in entrepreneurs and build ideas from the ground up. He has also helped build the careers of John Legend, Lady Gaga and Meghan Trainor. Carter is the brains behind Atom Factory (his artist management company), Smashed Labs (Accelerator company) and Cross Culture (Tech Investment company) which are three levels to his hustling culture. He is a true innovator of entrepreneurship and finding the next great entrepreneur. He treasures the value of handwork and pushing through diversity. His company has invested in tech giants like Spotify, Dropbox, Uber and many more upstart companies. Carter really understand the cross culture of brands to consumers, collaborations with young entrepreneurs and inspire the hustle of a character in a young CEO. He is definitely a person to know in the entrepreneur industry, very keen smart individual with a passion to work with developing artist and business start ups and helping them grow. Carter is an extremely versatile young entrepreneur himself with the drive and passion to keep crossing boundaries while making his name a staple in the entrepreneur community.

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