ACCA SORÉL DEMI-SECO is ACCA’s first in a line of a new segment called 􀀛Effervescent Nectars􀀛. It is an unforgettably intense red burgundy nectar with natural exotic aromas and flavors extracted from the uni􀁪ueness of the hibiscus plant. It invites one to share in the most revolutionary face of Effervescent Nectars. 􀁌or􀂮l Demi􀀦􀁌eco blends the worlds finest grapes with hibiscus from the kingdom of 􀁆orocco and other natural spices from the exotic 􀁌outh American region. The combination produces an excitingly alluring aroma, along with a light refreshing effervescent feel of nectar on the palate. 􀁎ltimately, consumers are exposed to a new edgy way of experiencing what is known as 􀀛Effervescent Nectar􀀛. “Discover more reasons to cherish Acca Sorel Demi-Seco”.

ACCA is being sold currently in the New York City market since being release in January 2016. They are making some productive progress being sold in as many as 20 off premise accounts and 15 on premise accounts. This product is a one of a kind selection and looks to being receiving some great feedback from celebrities, nightlife ambassadors as well as media. Be on the look out for more ACCA activation this summer.

Check out more about ACCA and their releases at

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