Robert Christopher Riley is a self-made well-studied actor from Brooklyn NY , with proud family rootsfrom the Trinidad and Barbados. Being raised by a strong Trinidadian mother and very wise grandmother Robert found a way to success with strong guidance from these two mentors. Riley being an educated young phenom strive to chase his dream while graduating with a B.A. degree in Theatre, where he got his first start in many theatrical plays like “Why we always sit together ” and “A Raisin In the Sun”.


He continued to educated himself on the craft of acting attending Ohio University MFA Acting program on a scholarship. Riley’s persistency and handwork began to get him commercials and independent film roles which fast forward to today leads him to getting a major role on the hit television show on VH1 “Hit The Floor” which has finish three seasons and recently earning a powerful key role in “Perfect Match” featuring Lauren London, Terrence J, Cassie and many more quality actors. Riley is making a great name for himself as an actor and also as a writer/ producer as well. He wears plenty of hats, one being the CEO of his Hollywood Massive company which is a Caribbean culture driven production company. Riley brings so much pride to all Caribbean people especially this from Trinidadian and Barbadian. He is a well spoken superstar on the rise with mogul potential that we are looking for him to fill. A powerful entrepreneur with a great vision of where he’s been and definitely where he’s going, Rob Riley is definitely winning at life. Check out


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