UFC for Sale


(Photo: Stock Images)

The Ultimate Fighting Championships (UFC) has been on the rise the last 6 years with huge support and fan fare to go along with great athletic fighter who put on a show for these fans worldwide. Owners Lorenzo and Frank Fertitta, acquired the UFC in late 2000 with a goal to make it something special while generation huge dollars for this mixed martial art company. These two businessmen earned some big bucks prior to the UFC from the casino business. Each other the owners now holds 40.5 percent  of the stake in this company, which has  raised its stock tremendously. Allegedly the UFC has been sold in a deal for reportedly $4 billion Dollars, in which the Fertitta brother bought in at $2 million. I would say thats a unbelievable return on Investment if i must say so. If this deal is real, it would be the largest in sports history. We wish both of these two businessmen a lot of support with their next venture together.



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