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Omari Hardwick is an actor, activist and poet who seem to have gain the viewers attention from his starring role in Starz Network mega hit series “Power” ,executive produced by Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson. Hardwick is well versed in his acting craft touching roles in many movies and hit tv shows like “Being Mary jane” featuring superstar actress Gabrielle Union. He has came along way from being an multi sport athlete in high school to being a successful standout football player at University of Georgia while continuing to write poetry and study acting. After graduating he went on to the NFL’s San Diego Chargers to play professionally before having a career ending knee injury. Next Hardwick decided to move on to New York to chase his passion of acting and then off to Los Angeles to do the same. It was a major struggle before he got his chance to succeed, and for a moment he was homeless living out his car trying to make it. Years later after never giving up we see Hardwick pushing on and making a big name for himself in the tv and movie screen. His acting skills show triumph, growth, expansion and creativity. The 42 year old Hardwick has been active also as an activist speak in DC and around the country about blacks and racism etc. He also has created a platform for poets on the rise giving them and outlet with “The Omari Hardwick Blu Apple Poetry Network”. To learn more about Hardwick and his poetry platforms, his film discography and much more about the man log on to

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