(Photos: Puma)

The sneaker industry has been strictly dominated by men sport shoes hitting the market at an alarming rate from professional athletes like Steph Curry (UnderArmour), Lebron James (Nike) and Derrick Rose (Adidas) to Comedian Kevin Hart with (Nike).


It has been and extremely lucrative business model to follow with cross marketing the celebrity with the shoe companies. the other side of the coin is that their is a great opportunity that hasn’t been tapped in to as much until now with the likes of superstar songstress Rihanna who teamed up with Puma to make a athletic slide on slipper. Woman spend a lot of money on themselves with accessories like bags, hats, jewelry and especially shoes. Rihanna and Puma hit a home run with this relaxed slide on slipper. They also have released some puma sneakers and s slide on boot. She is truly maximizing her star power and entrepreneur ambition.


Puma-Rihanna-Fenty-2 Rihanna-Puma-03

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