Entrepreneur Life, Inc is a Non Profit organization (501 3(C) pending) founded in 2016. Our purpose is to create multiple platforms for a variety of small business owner & entrepreneurs to express their ideas, business practices and services to a vast consumer base with intent to gain exposure for their respective brands. Our passion is to add value to the community by giving back with our time, monetary donations, charitable efforts, leadership and spear heading positive educational platforms for entrepreneurs, children, families and small business owners.

Entrepreneur Life, Inc is motivated off the fact that entrepreneurs are “the heart beat of the community”, the core of the infrastructure that builds generational family wealth while providing financial literacy for the youth. We understand that every company started as an idea, which then became a small business and began to grow into a huge corporation. The true distinction of an entrepreneur is the drive to keep going, find the value and passion and follow that until it all makes sense. Our goal is to grow into a global non-profit organization built off of the principles of true entrepreneurship, the values of caring and giving while expanding our reach to help as many small business reach their maximum potential.

Email: Info@entrepreneurlifeinc.org



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