tidal-share-239a2bdc(All Photos by TIDAL)

Tidal has been the talk of the music streaming business for the last 2 years. Some may say they have had a slow start out the gate while others say its was perfectly planned out with a few bumps in the road. Shawn “Jay Z” Carter, the modest business mogul bought Tidal for allegedly $56 million to become majority owner a few years back. During the short journey Jay Z brought in artist to own a small percentage of the company like Nicki Minaj, Madonna, Rihanna to name a few. Most artist just get paid money for their songs streaming on various site but Jay Z gave ownership which i feel gave these artist more incentive to come aboard. Fast forward to today January 23, 2017, Tidal sold 33% of its shares to Sprint for a whopping $200 million. If Jay Z isn’t a businessman i don’t know what else to call him. Of course we know he has a great legal team but that a side he has made some great chess moves in this game called entrepreneurship. After this purchase Tidal will be able to expand their business model to extreme levels and compete with anyone in the industry. Lets keep our eyes on this Tidal wave.

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