{All Photos owned by http://www.JayMorrisonAcademy.com}

Coming up in a rough neighborhood with the odds stacked against them, some young teenagers seem to make the wrong decision which can change their lives forever. This gentlemen made some bad choices but decided after facing a life sentence possibly that he could put that same energy into some legal transactions. Meet Mr. Jermaine “Jay” Morrison, an ex drug dealer with the hustle of any tycoon you may find in the black market of the streets, who has had his run ins with the law by going to jail several time for some major drug violations from New York City down the east coast to Maryland. Fast forward to 2017 about 15+ years later Mr. Morrison is a two-time best-selling author, a celebrity real estate mogul, a real estate buyer/seller/investor, multi business owner and most recently a CEO of his Real Estate/ Financial literacy Academy called “The Jay Morrison Academy”. This self-educated mogul has chosen to use the knowledge he has acquired from real estate and becoming financially independent and give back to his community with a hands on approach. Mr.Morrison has done hundreds of lectures from schools to holding classes at local corners in neighborhoods in Atlanta, Ga. As of today his online Jay Morrison Academy has about 7000 students through out the 2+ years its been in existence. He is giving the information to his students straight forward, that they can understand and grasp the concept easily. He really want to empower black people to become financially literate using his real estate knowledge to grow wealth. The education system  will not teach you anything about credit repair, real estate as a financial stepping stone to grow wealth. Thanks to Mr. Jay Morrison for embracing the idea of giving the information the is lacking about the importance of credit scores and building residual income through real estate to help become financially independent. We need to continue to support individuals like Mr. Jay Morrison who continue to give back to the world in so many ways.

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