Magic Johnson: The New Exec Of Lakers


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The Los Angeles Lakers are known to be a power house organization when it come to winning championships, hiring great coaches and putting together some great teams. With the retirement of the legend Kobe Bryant about a year ago, the Lakers have had some hard times finding that key player to try to fill part of the load that Kobe carried on the court and as a leader. Things haven’t went well at all with some players getting hurt, the chemistry just not being there at all with players and upper management. President Janie Buss has seen enough and made some huge changes to the entire management of the Lakers organization with the removal of Jim Buss as EVP of the organization and Mitch Kutchek being relieved of his duties as GM of the team. She then went on to hire Earvin ” Magic” Johnson to become the President of Basketball Operations, which means he has full reigns to sign players, hire coaches etc. This is a huge task for Magic Johnson but one that we all know he will be great at. He is a true businessman, entrepreneur, superstar ex-champion mvp and he is a phenomenal representation of what the Lakers organization is looking for. We can’t wait to see what he has in store and what moves the Lakers will make to bring their team back to dominance.

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