(Image by Big Baller Brand)

By now I know you have heard about the “Big Baller Brand” because of the outspoken self made CEO of the brand Lavar Ball. This father of 3 basketball phenoms has been making a lot of news and social media talk with his mega confidence in his sons basketball ability. His oldest son recently got drafted #2 by the Los Angeles Lakers in this years 2017 NBA draft. This legendary sports team has been looking for the next star to build around and it seems like Lonzo Ball may be that guy. After a stellar freshman year at UCLA he put up some strong numbers to keep scouts talking. While they were talking so was his father who was building his family a legacy company to be called Big Baller Brand. BBB is a sportswear line consisting of signature sneakers, t-shirts, sweats, shorts, flip flops, hats and more all branded with his “BBB” logo. This decision is the first of its kind, where an athlete of Lonzo Balls stardom coming into the pros will have his own line of overall branding. Instead of signing to a big sneakers company, Lavar Ball felt that doing that would be doing his family an injustice unless it was a partnership / co branding deal. The Ball family wanted to keep the creative ownership and decision making 100% while building a huge brand to come. I think the Ball family has just made history and changed the game. I can see more athletes coming out of college with mega media attention trying to do the same thing. Lavar Ball sees the value in their families name, basketball abilities, branding creativity and    generational wealth building opportunity. We wish the Ball family all the success!!

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