TMG UNIQUE EVENT DESIGN, is an event decor design company based in New York City whose decorative skills and technique have impressed a lot of individuals and corporate companies. There is a distinct passion about their design approach and the level of quality they are delivering at each event hired. We all know that the detail is the key to a beautiful event being designed.

From the luxurious creative backdrops, fine table linen, some handmade centerpieces, key lighting  and the security of knowing that their staff is led by a certified event design specialist with 15+ years of experience.  Founder Tessa Gerald is a hands on professional who has a passion for detail and a creative mind that never stops thinking about the clients satisfaction. She will take your ideas and bring it to life in so many ways. TMG has been hired to travel outside of the NYC tri-state area to D.C., Virginia, North Carolina, Miami, Costa Rica just to name a few places with some of the events being Weddings, Birthday Celebrations, Brand Launch Events, Celebrity Meet & Greets, Anniversaries and Corporate Holiday Events.

Their holiday booking schedule is filling up fast, so if your or your company looking to have an event and want that Wow Factor please contact TMG UNIQUE EVENT DESIGN.

Instagram: @tmgenterprisenyllc



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