Upon moving to a new country, most immigrants struggle to adapt to a new language, a new culture and new traditions. In the process of assimilating, they also risk losing their own culture and heritage as they attempt to fit in with their new peers.

But what if there was a way to maintain their individuality in a new country?

Born in Venezuela and based in Miami, entrepreneur Alvaro De Jesus knows this struggle all too well. Driven to keep his culture alive, Alvaro launched Color Latino as a community-driven platform for fellow Latin American immigrants to embrace, honor and celebrate their roots. From production, marketing to distribution, Color Latino’s business model strives to leave a positive impact in the Latino community.

Color Latino is the only fashion brand on the market that sells culturally relevant casual apparel and accessories to Latino men and women. With headquarters in Miami, Color Latino targets second and third generation Latinos who want to wear a clothing brand that reflects the diversity of Latino culture and values. With its collection of shirts, pullovers, beanies, and sunglasses all available in multiple stylish colors, Color Latino is the perfect sartorial choice for every season and has been prominently featured on NBC and The Huffington Post.

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