While most private-jet manufacturers boast about their wide range of choices for interiors, Airbus is offering a simpler option for busy buyers: off-the-shelf interior designs. Introduced in April, the new Airbus ACJ319 Elegance model features a nearly 79-foot-long cabin that is fitted with two bathrooms and a galley at the front and a bedroom with a private bathroom at the rear. In between, the cabin is divided into three areas that owners can fill with a range of predesigned modules for conducting business, conferencing, dining, socializing, or relaxing in a cinema lounge. All the finishing work will be done exclusively by the Airbus Corporate Jet Center in Toulouse, France.

Customers will have a choice of colors and fabrics within each module. The company says the scheme will make the delivery process easier and faster. It also will be easier for owners to change the interior when their needs change over time, and for new owners to modify the airplane after a sale. The price tag will be under $80 million, which is at least $7 million less than the standard, fully customizable version of the jet. The ACJ319 has a maximum cruise speed of approximately 560 mph and a range of nearly 7,000 miles. (

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