Every entrepreneur dreams of becoming the next Bill Gates or JK Rowling. They dream of becoming influential and successful; someone who people look up to and want to follow. So what makes the difference between success and failure?
In his new documentary, director and filmmaker Jimmy Newson goes out among business owners to answer that question. And for as many entrepreneurs as there are in the world, there are just as many answers. But the basics are the same.
“It takes hard work, a passionate commitment, and a deep desire to learn and grow,” states Rick Sapio, a lifelong entrepreneur, who appears in the movie. “If you are going into business on a whim, you will fail. There has to be a reason, a problem that you can solve, or a pain point that you can diminish for your customers. It also helps you, if your business is aligned with your purpose and your values.”
Initiative is what drives the business owner to do what they must, build a sustainable business, make more happy clients, and dream about a future that is bigger than the past.
Every entrepreneur must have the ability to make tough decisions and the ability to stick to the task of growing their business for years into the future.
So the big question that the movie addresses is this: Are entrepreneurs made, or are they born? Jimmy believes that anyone can learn the traits of a successful entrepreneur, then follow their passion and their purpose into building a successful business enterprise.
Director Jimmy Newson is reaching entrepreneurs and creating a global network, a community of information for business owners with his documentary film “A Billion Entrepreneurs.” What can you declare about being a business owner?
About A Billion Entrepreneurs
A Billion Entrepreneurs (ABE), is an inspiring film about finding your purpose and taking responsibility for manifesting that purpose in the world, so that you can have freedom, security, and success in your life. ABE is on a mission to find one billion people who are willing to be responsible for outcomes. Imagine, an entrepreneur in every home. For further information, contact Jimmy Newson, Director of A Billion Entrepreneurs.

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