TMG Enterprise NY is a full service creative design company based in New York City which started 2013 by CEO Tessa Gerald. Ms.Gerald comes from an extensive background with twenty plus years of creative design experience, once launching a designer fashion line called “Jay Semaj” as young entrepreneur in memory of her late father who was a major part of her ambition to becoming the event planner/designer of all family functions. After years of doing events from state to state between the fashion line and the event designing, Ms.Gerald decided to put all her focus into creating a creative design full service company to express her vision.

TMG Enterprise NY as a company is very versatile and detailed with the type of events they cater to, being it wedding anniversaries, product launches, corporate mixers, celebrity events as well as baby shower and birthday event. Ms.Gerald feels that her passion is that of a great painter who has a blank canvas to work with, an idea and an opportunity to express it for the client. Recently Ms.Gerald and TMG Enterprise NY were hired to do a 10th wedding anniversary for a room of 150 patrons in North Carolina. The results were fabulous from the exotic sweet & salty stations, the elegant backgrounds, the attention to detail down to the gifting table and the detailed decor blended with the couples favorite two colors (Caribbean blue and fuchsia pink). Patrons of that night seemed amazed at how she turned a gymnasium into a 5 star restaurant from scratch.
Being a full service company she offers professional decor set ups, high quality photography,high-definition videography as well as event consulting overall.


Ms.Gerald may be based in New York City but she definitely will travel for the right business. Some of her past event have been Costa Rica (Beach Wedding), Philadelphia (Cigar Bar Event), Washington D.C. (40th Celebrity Birthday), NYC (New Year Eve Corporate Penthouse + 30 More), Delaware (Anniversary), and Miami (Baby Shower) to name a few. She believes in hard work paying off as well as her staff believes in her vision. TMG Enterprise NY is already focused on a huge event they are putting together called “2016 NYC Entrepreneur Expo for March.19th 2016” where she will showcase her decor as well as allow entrepreneurs to showcase their businesses. That will truly be a extravagant event to say the least. Please visit and follow on Instagram: @mstmgenterprise + Twitter: @TMGEnterpriseNY

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