Donald Trump for President ?



The thought of Donald Trump for president has most Americans grasping as they choke on the idea of having an agitator run this democracy. With his offensive views on immigration and minorities. More than a quarter of residents in S. Florida are of Hispanic descent, and 15 percent or so are black doesn’t sound like a good presidential nominee choice. He’s fading in support among men, with just a 45-to-41 percent edge over Clinton (New York Times) and is losing in the party loyalty test as well an area where Republicans usually dominate. Just 82 percent of Florida’s GOP voters plan to vote for Trump, while 93 percent of state Dem’s back Clinton. (Huffington Post). His his offensive words , propaganda, and expertise in egomaniacal makes him a dangerous threat globally. In a recent speech Clinton blasted Trump citing the now bankrupt Atlantic City destroyed financially by his bad business practices leaving hard-working small businesses to suffer. She, also punched back with this piece quoted from Politico online

“They would never dream of acting like Donald Trump,” Clinton added. “In America, we don’t begrudge people being successful — that’s part of the American dream — but we do if they get rich by destroying other people until the process. So let’s just make sure we don’t put a person like this, with his empty promises and his lifetime of selfishness, in a position to destroy our lives.”Trump, who has often tried to swat away criticism about his four business bankruptcies, did not take kindly to Clinton’s words.
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