With Memorial Day long gone and Fourth of July weekend already here, it’s officially summertime. And whether you’re planning to visit exotic islands, sunbathe on the deck of your yacht or just spend the weekend with the kids at the beach, you’ll want to do it in style—and nobody does style like the French. One of our favorite new lines, Thapelo Paris, is bringing swimwear to a whole new level of sophistication. The trendy shapes, bright patterns and unnecessary bits and baubles of this season’s swimwear have been replaced with sleek lines and timeless cuts that can make any woman look like an ocean goddess.

Established in 2010 by founder and designer Wil Ariyamethe, Thapelo is meant to be an exclusive label that combines the best of French couture, local fabrics and eco-friendly luxury. Ariyamethe was born in Bangkok, educated in Sydney and currently lives in Paris, having worked in the fashion industry for over 16 years. Wanting to produce a product that is good for both the environment and the people, she uses fabrics that are “minimal in allergens for sensitive skin” and economically responsible. The first swimwear brand to be awarded the certification “Origin France Guarantee,” Thapelo is made entirely in France by local manufacturers, suppliers and designers.
This season’s collection is influenced by the exotic lands and beaches of Indochina and the art of Alix Aymé, a French, soft-focus painter that lived in the area during the first part of the 20th century. Inspired by the color of the paintings and local seascape, the collection is rich in tropical hues—fiery sunset reds, pink orchids and the rich, purple shade of the mangosteen fruit. Small details such as light ruching or golden buttons add dimension to each piece without taking away from its glamour or simplicity.

French sophistication may look perfect on the shores of Indochina, but also looks chic anywhere you choose to vacation. Plus with Parisian made designs, eco-friendly manufacturing and swimwear that doesn’t compromise quality for trend, Thepalo makes for the kind of pieces any woman would want to wear year-round.

Thapelo Paris is now available in the US at Nancy Meyer. Priced from $175-$470.

Courtesy of JustLuxe

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