In the name of “entrepreneur Olympic” world-renowned “Ernst & Young World Entrepreneur Award”, on June 7 fake Carlo Monaco and Mongolia hold the ceremony. 60 “Ernst & Young Entrepreneur Award” winner from 51 Year nations together to compete crown. India Kotak Mahindra Bank founder and executive vice president Uday Kotak, with perseverance and innovation entrepreneurship, stand out in the fierce Award, awarded 2014 “Ernst & Young World Entrepreneur Award.” 2013 “Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year” winner Mandalay Thai EC chairman Xu Chengyi, represents the annual winner of Taiwan and around the world, to participate in this global elite event, and the world’s original “oven fry kitchen chain system”, for Oriental dining establish procedures complicated business model and internationalization strength, to show innovation and foresight Taiwanese entrepreneur.

Kotak was established in 1985 in India, Kotak Asset Management Finance Limited, and the transition to the bank in 2003, not only to create a precedent for India, but also from the capital of less than $ 250,000 of the company, the growth of revenue $ 2.8 billion of International Group . Kotak Mahindra Bank is headquartered in Mumbai, India, currently 354 local and global total of 605 branch locations, covering international branches in London, New York, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Mauritius, Singapore and other major cities and countries. It is worth mentioning that, despite the provisions of the Indian establishment of new banks are more stringent, Kotak past decade under the leadership of the Group’s total assets grew by 25 times, total revenue grew 30 times, is the fifth largest bank in India. In the increasingly robust business territory occasion, Kotak also play their influence to improve people’s lives, providing remote geographical areas customers cheaper services, show the entrepreneurial spirit and style.

EY – 2013 “Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year” Annual Award winner Mandalay Thai EC chairman Xu Chengyi, to show the spirit and glory of Taiwan
Ernst & Young Global Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Mark Weinberger said: “The situation in the world, growing rapidly changing times, we need outstanding entrepreneurs create jobs and sustainable development of the workplace environment, to lead the global economy to show steady growth .Kotak entrepreneurs vision and determination, won 2014 “Ernst & Young World Entrepreneur Award”, in fact, deserved the same time also deeply look forward to Kotak and 59, “Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year” annual winner of countries, can together build a better force in the business world ! ”

From their own love of food and entrepreneurial enthusiasm, 2013, “Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year” award winner 徐承义 year opened its first restaurant in Mandalay Thai Cuisine 1990. In the face of Western fast-food catering for the mainstream market, starting with the concept of sustainable development, the ingredients and the process complicated oriental food through food brand, business chain, innovative thinking and scientific management, to show oriental cuisine culture the essence of the rich and diverse delicious oriental cuisine successfully overcome difficulties hard to grow the business scale, and gradually developed into 50 directly managed stores, and led the company listed on the OTC market success among the leaders of Taiwan’s largest oriental food restaurant chain restaurants Group position.
EY – “Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year” is the world’s first international award recognizes outstanding entrepreneurs
In order to implement the ‘hospitality’ insistence, tile city through a sound quality management principles, from food (Food), comfort (Environment), Service (Service), brand trust (Trust) and other four-oriented, comprehensive meet consumer expectations for food. Among them, the world’s original “oven fry kitchen chain” system is Xu Chengyi adhere to quality, to create new aesthetics Oriental cuisine important initiatives. Jufan establish specifications and acceptance criteria table for a variety of raw ingredients, strict control of quality and the implementation of quality assurance testing standards ” normalized raw materials “; different ingredients to ensure that property and set as many as 500 kinds of specifications of the crop” cut Specifications oriented “; to sub-station division SOP established culinary cooking” processes and dynamic line of kitchen and scientific management “, etc., through a string of numbers to show the quality and efficiency of the tremendous amount of persistence.

And both training and quality management, “eleven armband chef personnel training system”, it is Xu Chengyi own standardized core. His decades of martial arts martial arts training to advanced concepts, let’s cook after 13 months of solid training can generally trained chef level five years seniority, so that consumers can be tasted in all branches the same delicious.

In addition to a standardized operating characteristics, leadership 徐承义 of Mandalay also committed to the implementation of corporate social responsibility. In addition to business locations using green energy and environmental protection equipment, to reduce the impact on the environment, but also through the “origin through the table” approach, adopted in the fresh fishery products, provide high-quality agricultural and fishing products made better and stable sales channels. In the 2012 purchase amount exceeded NT $ 300 million yuan, not only to promote the protection of farmers and fishermen earnings, their requirements and scale to purchase quality also led by agricultural and fishery cooperation to enhance quality control ability to form a win-win positive development.

“Multi-brand, multi-business” thinking is the city of Thai traditional tile important breakthrough growth strategies. In addition to traditional downtown storefront, more development department since 2003 path to the end of 2012 to set up a department store in Taiwan has reached 29, the performance of every branch in the top three, from 2008 to 2012 revenue growth of more than 2.5 times the gross profit and net profit after tax for five years continuously are sustained and stable growth.

Xu Chengyi attending the Monte Carlo event, not only in close communication with many international successful entrepreneurs, but also by the global media attention. In an interview with USA CNBC interview, Xu Chengyi share the mentality of the creation of Mandalay. Looking to the future, the system will Mandalay Thai Business Strategy “multi-brand multi-market,” Oriental cuisine and culinary heritage, systematic to the world, to become the world’s largest chain of Oriental cuisine restaurant group .

About Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year

“Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year” is the world’s first international awards in recognition of outstanding entrepreneurs, in recognition of the wisdom and perseverance founded and operated a successful entrepreneur. Since 1986 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin (Milwaukee, Wisconsin) start, has entered the 28th year, and there are more than 50 countries, 160 cities participate, after recognition of more than a thousand of the most successful and most with innovative entrepreneurs, including Cirque du Soleil (Cirque du Soleil) cover. Larry Bate (Guy Laiberté), Dell Computer’s Michael. Dell (Michael Dell), Starbucks Coffee Howard. Hughes (Howard Schultz), Jerry Yang, Amazon online bookstore Jeff Yahoo. Bezos (Jeff Bezos), eBay auction nets Pierre. Omidyar (Pierre Omidyar), and McNealy of Sun Microsystems (Scott McNealy) and other influential entrepreneurs in recent years, have a “Ernst & Young Entrepreneur Award” winner.

Since May 2001, national Entrepreneur of the Year award winner, are invited to Monaco and Mongolia Carlo (Monte Carlo, Monaco), participate in the “Ernst & Young World Entrepreneur Award” ceremony, in this global elite event, the Sharing the highest honor the business community.

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About Ernst & Young
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This press release issued by Ernst & Young Taiwan, Taiwan is a member of Ernst & Young + Ernst & Young global organization.

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