Wrightspeed founder and CEO Ian Wright with a CNG-fueled boosted electric truck at Act Expo 2012 in Long Beach, Calif. Mel Lindstrom photo

Photo Courtesy of Mel Lindstrom

Ian Wright is one of the original inventors of the cleanest luxury new vehicle company to be introduced to the world Tesla. In 2005, he left the company in its start up phase and ventured out to create his own company. After years of hardwork WrightSpeed was born, a very similar company to Tesla but the one of the differences is that he’s focusing on industrial trucks like garbage trucks and very large delivery vehicles. Wright believes he can change the whole powertrain makeup of the industrial truck industry by converting them to clean electric powerful vehicles. Wrightspeed has locked in their first customer the Ratto Group for 25 FedEx trucks and 17 Garbage Trucks. Their goal is to start small and grow into a powerhouse company that will change what we know garbage trucks and delivery trucks to be. They are installing electric engine, battery system, on-board power generators that can run on diesel or natural gas to recharge the battery just in case the juice is running low. These truck are expensive to reconstruct close to $200,000+ and ending up around $500,000 by will save much more money in the long term.

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