Ahmed Zayat is a one of  kind human being with alot of talents or rather say alot of ways to create revenue. This billionaire is know to the world for his Horse ownership and his gambling on horse racing. He is the CEO of Zayat Enterprise LLC. Slightly before the horse came Zayat was in the beer business where he privatized his company and sold it to Heineken for $280 million in 1997.  Next came the horse purchasing which his first was in 2006 for $4.6 million when he bought a colt at the blue chip keeneland. He is the owner and breeder of “American Pharoahe”, a thoroughbred of horses who seems to win a lot. Its said that Zayat bet about $200,000 every week. Mr. Zayat was also among the most active buyers at horse auctions, paying $24.5 million for 77 horses in 2009, according to BloodHorse.com. Over time he has ran into financial issues with his creditors which eventually went to bankruptcy court where as of 2014 everyone is said to be paid in full. The mega entrepreneur from a smart business driven family is a very ambitious individual with alot of passion about horses and the betting process. You win some you lose some but you keep going and it turns out for the better. Zayat has won $3million purses at these horse racing events like triple Crown. Zayat net worth is said to be $50 Million.

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