Photos by Shark Tank/BeatBox Beverages

BeatBox has one of the most creative packaging we have seen in a long time especially for an alcoholic beverage. BeatBox is a wine based cocktail in a box which comes in several flavors but Blue Razzberry Lemonade and refreshing Cranberry Limeade seems to be the favorites so far. Each BeatBox contains 5 liters or nearly 7 bottles of wine. Its basically and all in one fun pack for a great party. Its 11.1% ABV which is not alot of alcohol but after drinking a few cups you”ll definitely start the laughing and smiling. Its first to market all around the board with the mixture and the overall packaging. BeatBox is now available in about 15 states so that shows that its growing at a good rate being distributed in that many states for an independent brand.
The team is made up of (CEO) Justin Fenchel, (COO) Amy Steadmen and (CXO) Brad Schultz who are partners in this unique brand dealing with the day to day process of making BeatBox Beverages the best it can be. There target audience is the new millennial male and female of todays world who love to party and have a good time. They have a team of 9 total members who put there heads together and come up with the marketing plans to activate BeatBox Beverages. This product is a great idea for any everyday event or holiday party. If you would like to purchase Beat Box visit

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