slide5 (photo by A MAVEN’s WORLD)
We all know the women love their beauty products, cosmetics and hair styling but its know that black women seem to love their beauty cosmetic to a tune of $7.5 billion a year. This love is transforming from buying beauty cosmetics to starting their own beauty brand companies. CEO Anna Foster, founder of A Maven’s World a black owned beauty lifestyle and product company has taken charge in expanding the vision of this industry. She’s a very educated young entrepreneur holding a business degree and a law degree both from Suffolk University. Foster ran various business like Eat, Drink, Dress & Live Magazine, Fleur De Lis Fashion and WWMI Events. She consolidated all the brands under on roof and that is A Maven’s World. Foster’s businesses have hit some obstacles but with patience and consistency they have succeeded through it all.

“Our company is unique because through our events, business affiliations/services and shop collections, we share a mantra of optimism and empowerment. This is where we devote our energy and build organically outward from there,” she says. “Women share so many commonalities and that transcends to a bond, on many levels. With regards to customers that shop our Maven Fashion, Beauty and Home Collection, they range in age and gender. We curate trendy styles, but we also offer customization of fashion pieces and a home collection. In addition, we have a natural makeup line, that offers the latest color collections of lipstick and lip gloss.”

Foster will make 2016 all about A Maven’s World with expanding the brand to new height while still focusing on their supporters. She has received amazing support from Boston, Massachusetts where the business was launched and has made an impact.
Please take sometime to visit http://www.amavensworld.com/ and support their brand.

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