MASERATI’s 100th Anniversary

One of the most prestigious luxury automotive brands in the world is celebrating their “100th Anniversary” in style, none other than Maserati. They have reestablished their presence by aligning themselves with the sport of Polo by having their very own team in multiple tournaments in three different countries. To make this year special they have collaborated to create a men and women’s specialized clothing collection.
Maserati has recently released their new 2015 vehicles being the Quattroporte super sudan, Gran Tourismo and their Ghibli sports sedan. The exclusive collection is styled in items like the (red) La Martini Jacket costing $300+ customized with Maserati’s logo and the (blue) men’s field jacket which cost upward of $400+ dollars to name a few. The creativity is at and all time high to celebrate 100 years of success in the luxury automotive industry.

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