110113-centric-whats-good-jay-z-gold-fragrance-16x9 (photo by Centric.tv)
Being an entrepreneur and sophisticated businessman comes with a lot of positive attention as well as backlash as well.
Shawn “JAY Z” Carter is allegedly being hit with a $20 million lawsuit by Parlux Fragrances for the lack of promotion of Jay Z “Gold” signature fragrance through the company. Supposedly he hasn’t held up his end of the contract with appearances, exclusive interviews and overall promoting the brand via social media. Parlux Fragrances is asking that their $2 million upfront royalty free payment be refunded, $18 million in compensatory damages, their contact be voided with Jay Z and the 300,000 shares of stock be voided. The fragrance never took off and now because of the lack of support the retailers are returning the unsold product.

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