K.DOT {The Entrepreneur}


Kendrick Lamar aka. K Dot to his TDE family has taken the world by storm again with his sophomore album “To Pimp A Butterfly”, from his creative wordplay to his regular everyday cool guy demeanor he has became hip hop’s favorite artist. Not only does he rap with the best of them, he also sells a lot of records in the present music climate. Kendricks art is just that art, not your typical heavy jewelry wearing, flashy car driving, gun toting persona that’s not him at all. He is truly an artist painting pictures through sound waves into the worlds ears.
Corporate america took a notice to the witty K Dot and partnered with him from the Beats by Dre brand to the recent Reebok partnership. He was featured in the “I AM” campaign from Reebok in 2014 which helped the brand get a different demographic and now he’s featured in the new Reebok “Ventilator” campaign.
As we can see K Dot’s brand is growing at a fast pace and will keep expanding because the quality he brings to music is raw and uncut, there is not distraction with exterior overkill like a lot of rappers these days. He has content that is truly relevant to his fans and valuable to worldwide brands.

Written by Cosign Jackson

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