(photo by Allhiphop.com)

King Of Diamonds is one of the most talked about nightclubs in Miami because of the beautiful dancer to the celebrity filled patrons. You can see the hottest rapper to the biggest athlete in KOD on any given night. The owner of this luxurious nightclub is 90’s rapper Akinyele Adams, who’s known for his record breaking song ” Put it in your mouth”. Since the success of his first location in Miami, Adams is looking to open up a second location in the beautiful South Beach area. There seems to be a big issue with Adams club being opened up in South Beach by public officials and the residents living in the area.


(photo by Alex Markow)

They don’t want the strip club crowd and vibe to be brought down to the South beach area with fear of violence. According to reports from Allhiphop.com Adams is planning to open this strip club on July 4th weekend which would be in conjunction with the rapper T.I.’s new “V LIVE’ brand in which he opened up in Atlanta. The South Beach residents have already petitioned a campaign to stop this club from opening because of the fear of the street level business owners creating a different atmosphere and rowdiness which would hurt the South Beach area overall. This is all alleged, we will see within the next several weeks what transpires with this club and the South beach residents.



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